Safe Place with Ruth Graham

The past weekend the Museum of the Bible opened an exhibit about the Bible’s impact on my father’s life and ministry and the emphasis he always put on the Bible. They were gracious to ask me to say a few words about my father “the man” while my nephew, Will Graham, was to say a few words about his grandfather’s “ministry”.

It sort of got twisted around – he thought he was to talk about his grandfather “the man”, and I was to talk about “the ministry”. It didn’t matter. We both shared the impact of the Bible on my father’s life and ministry.

We teased each other because we had both decided to tell the same story about my father. I told Will that since I was going first, I got to tell it! Well, the man who introduced us, got it mixed up and Will got to go first…so he told the story!(Maybe Will bribed him – wouldn’t put it past him!)

I love my nephew, Will. And he told the story much better than I would have, anyway. So it was fine by me.

My two girls, their husbands and 7 of my grandchildren joined me in DC and we all took the opportunity to tour the Museum on Saturday.

It is fabulous. We learned so much about the Bible – but there is so much more to know! It is a fascinating look at a living book. The museum is the most technologically advanced of any museum in the world. There are 6 floors – chucked full of treasures, antiquities, scrolls, tablets, Bibles – all presented in such an excellent way. (Even the impact of the Bible on high fashion!) One of the most convicting displays was the “library” representing the Bibles already translated into a known language – but also, representations displayed of all those that have yet to be translated…Oh my! There is work to be done. Many who have yet to hear the story of Jesus and His love for them.

The museum wants you to engage with the Bible. And we did! It gives a grand overview of the Bible on a first visit then you can certainly dig deeper and take much longer. I felt a bit overwhelmed as we toured eager to linger.

But it truly engaged my grandchildren! Most of them enjoyed the “fly over Washington” which simulated a helicopter, or drone, ride over the city and into it’s building highlighting scriptures that are etched into our nation’s official buildings. However, some in our group suffer from motion sickness…that wasn’t fun for them.

There is a biblical “village” with actors living as they did in Biblical times. There are interactive videos. There are light displays. As you enter the lobby, if you look above you, there is a 200 foot LED ceiling that changes displays. There is a permanent collection from the Vatican. There are loaned collections… So much.

Go! And don’t hesitate to take the kids.

Last night I attended a concert of Melody of One sponsored by the Comfort My People ministry of Advancing Native Ministries. They encourage and advocate for Christian ministries in Israel like evangelism, pregnancy care center, sending of humanitarian goods, discipleship program for Israeli soldiers who have finished their term of service and other vital areas. It is exciting to hear what God is doing.

The music by Aaron Shust (Love Made a Way) and Joshua Aaron was outstanding! What a concert they gave – in a small intimate setting. Very special. Their music is so worshipful because it is biblical. You cannot confuse it with a popular love song, like so many contemporary worship songs, because it powerfully proclaims God for Who He is in His holiness, and majesty. And Jesus as the Redeemer of mankind. No soft fuzzy Jesus – but sin defeating, Satan destroying Redeemer who is coming back.


It seems clear to me that we are in the end days before the Lord’s return. So many signs…The question is, are we ready?
Are we about His work as we watch eagerly for His return? Or does it even cross our minds as we scurry about our day-to-day work?

He is coming. Maybe not today or tomorrow. But He is coming. Either when He comes in power riding a white horse with His eyes of fire or when He comes to you in death. He is coming. You will see Him face to face. Either with horror because you weren’t ready or in great joyful anticipation.

You make the choice this side of heaven. When you see Him, it will be too late. Make your choice now by asking Him to be you Lord and Savior today. It will be the greatest decision you ever make.

It’s been almost six weeks since my surgery for hydrocephalus and I am enjoying a new quality of life! So thankful. I still need stamina…it will come.

Last weekend my oldest daughter and I drove to North Carolina to attend the 70th birthday party of a man who helped my family for over half of his life. He sacrificed his life for the lives of my parents and us – even the grandchildren.

He knows everyone! They’re were about 200-300 people there. It was so much fun to see many people I had not seen in a long time – many people connected to my family in some way.

He is the most positive person I know. Anything you ask him to do he acts like it’s the greatest thing in the world. He always has a smile and is full of enthusiasm. He is always thinking of something he can do for others. If ever someone had a servant’s heart, it is Maury Scobee.

He has a special place in our family. My younger brother, Franklin, met him when they were at LeTourneau College in Texas together. They became friends and one day Franklin took him to meet with my parents and as my father said, “Franklin never came back to pick him up.” We are glad he didn’t.

He babysat the grandkids taking them on fun adventures. He had to find Revlon’s “naked pink” lipstick for my mother. He went to the grocery store. No task was too small or too large. He travelled with my father around the world, giving of himself to my father’s needs of any sort. He was always smiling and laughing. He was at my father’s hospital bedside many, many times. My father trusted Maury and relied on him in so many ways. A world-wide ministry takes a toll but Maury eased the load for my Father. We are grateful to and for him.

Along the way he made countless friends – some famous – some just regular folks – it doesn’t matter to him. He loves them all and stays in regular contact with them. I don’t think he has an enemy.

He accompanied my Mother and my 2 older sisters and me to China back in 1989. He was the only man along and we counted on him for so many tasks – hauling our luggage which, at that time did not have wheels, and we didn’t pack lightly, photographing our journey as well as being the videographer creating documentation of our trip back to the place of Mother’s birth. On the first night back to Hong Kong after an arduous journey through China, we dispatched him to MacDonald’s to get us cheeseburgers! Even though he was as tired as we were he did it cheerfully. It was a trip of a lifetime and he was integral to it all.

It wasn’t easy and sometimes very difficult but I never saw him angry or upset. He usually was cheering up someone else. He’s had his share of heartaches – losing a brother to cancer, losing his own mother. But he never wallowed in his sorrow instead he looked to find someone he could help. He is a very special man.

He never married – though we tried to set him up more than once. He was married to the ministry to my family. He is someone who had our backs – over and over again. He was always a constant. We could count on his smile and laugh and his prayers.

The whole family loves him. Maury Scobee is an example of a servant’s heart, if ever there was one. God blessed my family with Maury.

I told you I was having surgery for hydrocephalus – I did. Not pleasant but it’s like a miracle. I no longer walk side to side like I’m drunk. I no longer fall dawn. I no longer drag my feet or have to crawl up the stairs. I walk with strength and confidence.

It’s amazing and I am so very grateful. I can look forward to doing things with my family – not being on a bench watching. I will be able to travel freely. I have a new lease on life! How long I have been struggling with this! It’s been 4 years since the symptoms appeared and I began to see a number of fine doctors.

Along the way I felt like the woman in the Bible who suffered many things at the hands of many physicians. I spent a lot of money trying to find out what was wrong but finally was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, had the surgery a week ago and now feel ever so much better. Yes. There is healing time and a “re-learning” of certain routines but it is 1000% better and I am so relieved – not to mention grateful.

Thank you for your prayers and concerns.

I must tell you of one sweet thing the Lord did for me while I was in the hospital.

I wanted a private room but with all else on my mind, I did not think to pray for one. I guess I sort of just expected one. Well when I got back from the OR – after waiting 4 hours in the recovery room – I realized I was in a double room. At that point I didn’t really care. My “roommate” was an older lady who seemed to be hard of hearing. Everything was loud: conversations, the TV, the doctors, her family…everything.

As you know, I live alone with a cat. Everything is very quiet! How was I ever going to rest…

I tried to settle in and when things seemed to quiet down, a smiling face peeked around the curtain. I was surprised and wondered what it could be about. He introduced himself as the son of the lady in the next bed and asked if he could pray for me. I was surprised but readily agreed to have him pray. He explained that the Lord prompted him to pray for me because I “needed encouragement”.

I couldn’t thank him adequately because my heart was full of emotion. I was deeply touched. God saw my need and sent this young man, a stranger, to touch my life in a point of need. A young man whose presence I would not have had if I were in a private room. God knew my need so much better than I did. That’s the kind of God we have!

Before his mother was discharged I tried to thank him again, but, again, was too emotional. I pray he got the message in spite of my inadequacy.

How grateful I am that this young man obeyed the prompting of the Lord to touch and encourage my life. God is so good, so faithful, so gracious, so kind… I am humbled and grateful.