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Netherlands beats Uruguay to go to the World Cup final on Sunday! Everybody sing the Dutch fight song:I love that song. It’s so very Dutch. It’s cheerful in an oom-pah-pah way, and the odd lyrics basically say not “let’s slaughter […]

We went last night down to Penn’s Landing, on the Delaware River waterfront, to attend the Ice Cream Festival, and to watch the fireworks. The fireworks display was fantastic, one of the best I’ve ever seen. But it’s the last […]

As readers of my book “Crunchy Cons” know, I’m a big fan of small houses. Architectural historian Jayne Merkel thinks we Age of Austerity folks have a lot to re-learn about the virtues of small houses. Excerpt: In an era […]

2-1 — final score! What a day for Oranje! They’ve eliminated the mighty Brazil! Oh, to be in Amsterdam at this moment. Ring the bell! Beers all around! All together now: “Wilhelmus van Nassouwe…”

My friend Richard Kent, a Detroit lawyer, is mourning the death of his mother. In an entry on his blog, he writes, of her obituary: It is short. Simple. And will take up less than 3 column inches in the […]

Captured on film: Local Philadelphia nitwit has blinding vision, sees Dutch victory over Brazilians in Friday’s World Cup match! Look, there’s stroopwaffels in this hooligan’s eyes! Gerard Kamphuisen, the legendary inventor of the stroopwaffel, is one of the greatest human […]

This Russian Spies in the Suburbs story is highly amusing, and makes the Russians look not evil, but stupid. What were these undercover agents supposed to be doing? Divining the secrets of Starbucks, IKEA and Trader Joe’s? Tracking down Moose […]

I listened over the weekend to a Fresh Air podcast interview with S.C. “Sam” Gwynne, a talented Texas writer who has just published a book that I’ve got to find time to read: “Empire of the Summer Moon.” (The New […]

The Country of Marriage I. I dream of you walking at night along the streams of the country of my birth, warm blooms and the nightsongs of birds opening around you as you walk. You are holding in your body […]

We’ve been arguing in a thread below about the morality of a Minnesota gay reporter infilitrating a support group for gay Catholics and other gay Christians seeking help living chastely, and outing a closeted Lutheran pastor who attended the group. […]