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It’s Bastille Day. You know the drill:I’m in a pickle: a Francophile who thinks that despite the corruption of the ancien regime, that the Revolution of 1789 was a disaster. Still, I don’t sing the revolutionary anthem because I support […]

When I was a kid in the 1970s, I followed professional baseball. George Steinbrenner was the personification of baseball evil to me: rich, arrogant as hell, and from New York. I lost interest in baseball as a teenager, and with […]

OCTOPUS STEWED IN WINE AND TOMATOES Ingredients: •1 lb octopus, either small or large •4 T. olive oil •4 cloves finely chopped garlic •1 cup crushed tomatoes or peeled, chopped fresh tomatoes •1 cup white wine •2 T. honey or […]

I’ve been cooking. I’m sorry, Dutch people, I could have made stamppot, or found some herring, or boiled some potatoes, or made pannekoeken … but somehow, none of that says voetbal to my South Louisiana palate. So, I say to […]

Paul the Octopus, who lives in a German aquarium, has correctly predicted the winners of Germany’s last seven World Cup matches, including yesterday’s third-place victory over Uruguay. He has selected Spain to beat the Netherlands today in the World Cup […]

How many stories have you read in the past few years about people moving back into downtowns, leaving suburbs and exurbs to wither on the vine? Joel Kotkin says it ain’t true. Excerpt: Housing prices in and around the nation’s […]

… that, as Bruce Sterling points out, we are closer to the year 2050 than we are to Woodstock. Fine with me; the further we get away from that cultural debacle, the better. But still. Today I was in a […]

Uh, I don’t think so: This might have made sense — might have — during the “Die Hard” heyday. But that was 20 years ago! Quick, name one Bruce Willis movie from the last 10 years. OK, yes, but nobody […]

Dude tells Esquire after having received permission: I got in touch with his wife, and I mentioned that I’d never try to exploit my discovery. She said, “No, please, do whatever you like. You don’t have to be tasteful. This […]