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What is wrong with these people?! Excerpt: Mandeep Singh Dhillon’s son, Zoraver, learned how to take pictures of himself with his father’s computer when he was four years old, and he immediately wanted to share the results with relatives online. […]

… unless the Internet can save them! Follow that link to a Metafilter thread in which a man engages his online community in an effort to try to save two Russian women he knows from meeting a job contact in […]

The WaPo’s Joel Achenbach on where our worship of the false god of Technology can lead us: There have been blowouts since the dawn of the oil drilling industry, but never a blowout like this. This one is the deepest […]

I have never read Ray Bradbury, but after this Slate essay about why he still matters, I’m planning to stop off at the bookstore on the way home, buy some of his stuff, take it home to read with my […]

Matthew, looking over my shoulder just now: “Hey, you’ve got a new operating system.”Me: “Yeah. My hard drive crashed on this laptop the other day. The tech guy at work installed a new one, and it had Windows 7 on […]

Lisa Margonelli delivers the discomfiting truth that there are probably no easy villains in the Gulf oil spill disaster — and what that means for our reliance on “easy” oil. Excerpt: Where did that oil spill go? We’ve got millions […]

Dmitri Orlov makes a case. Excerpt: The political challenges, in both cases, centered on the inability of the political establishment to acquiesce to the fact that a key source of energy (nuclear power or deep-water oil) relied on technology that […]

I’m sorry to see that Newsweek is for sale, because I hate to see journalists lose their jobs — and yes, I know that it’s only for sale, not shutting down, but come on, I think we all know where […]

The Washington Post has an interesting feature up in which various writers suggest one thing the world would be better off without. I thought Kara Swisher’s bit on computer keyboards was interesting. Excerpt: In other words, it’s long past time […]

Longtime readers know I’m a big fan of Apple, but I have to agree with David Carr that the huge deal he’s made over the “stolen” iPhone has been a public relations fiasco for Jobs. It has undermined Apple’s image […]