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An angry Moralistic Therapeutic Deist decides he can make up his own religion, call it Roman Catholicism, and demand, via the pages of the Boston Globe, that everybody else join him in his self-deception. Excerpt from Charles Pierce’s piece: And […]

Some time ago, I read something, can’t remember where, about Tibetan Buddhism. The author may have been a scholar of Tibetan Buddhism; I just don’t recall. Anyway, the writer said that in the West, we have a completely romanticized view […]

Many religions have laws governing ritual purity. The Roman Catholic Church, for example, ruled that under its own laws, a gluten-free wheat wafer cannot be used to confect the Eucharist. Unless you are a canonist or otherwise versed in this […]

Sam Crane is performing in a community theater production of “Our Town” this summer, and it got him to thinking about Taoist themes in the play. For Taoism, he writes: Th e complex is to be found in the simple, […]

I don’t like the burqa. In fact, I think it’s appalling. I don’t like what it says about the place of women in the societies where it’s common. I like that the imam of the Grand Mosque of Paris says […]

I hadn’t looked in on the Cosimanian Orthodox gloomster The Ochlophobist in ages, and so enjoyed it that I made a note to bookmark his site. I also found there links to the blog of one Arturo Vasquez, a Catholic […]

Here’s the best five minutes you’re likely to spend today: Jon Stewart’s interview with novelist Marilynne Robinson, discussing science and religion and her new book “Absence of Mind.” Robinson’s basic view is that scientistic reductionists claim too much for science, […]

Frank Beckwith takes a troubling case from the University of Illinois and draws a sharp, correct conclusion: The aggrieved student in the Howell case is the product of a generation of institutional coddling that rewards intellectual immaturity if it can […]

Via Ross Douthat, here’s poet Christian Wiman on why, in approaching truth, Art and Religion can take us places that science, by its very nature, cannot: In the Gospels Jesus is always talking to the crowds in parables, which he […]

You may have read that a British investigative panel cleared UK climate scientists of Climategate charges (that they had manipulated data to support political ends). But it was not a complete exoneration. Climate scientist Roger Pielke had this to say […]