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Here’s a troubling story: what’s life like for people who are paid to troll websites looking for photos that need to be removed? More: The surge in Internet screening services has brought a growing awareness that the jobs can have […]

Have you seen the report that Bristol & Levi are shopping a reality show proposal around Hollywood, and may even be sounding out production companies for a deal to televise their wedding? Can I just say that that would be […]

H.L. Van Buren sends this obituary for a Chicago couple who had been happily married since 1947, and who died within hours of each other. This is a weeper, for sure: They had moved just last month to the San […]

So says David Brooks in his column today. Excerpt: There used to be theories that deep down narcissists feel unworthy, but recent research doesn’t support this. Instead, it seems, the narcissist’s self-directed passion is deep and sincere. His self-love is […]

The NYT takes note of Russia’s failure to catapult itself to the front ranks of enlightenment and progress. Excerpt: As always, sex toys are a tough sell in Russia. “We have to try to enlighten the customers,” said Ms. Borisova, […]

Alexandra Reau is not yet old enough to drive, and just look: Lawn mowing and baby-sitting are standard summer jobs for the enterprising teenager. Alexandra Reau, who is 14, combines a little bit of each: last year, she asked her […]

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are going to get married. It says something about our screwed-up culture that they announced this in an exclusive cover story for US magazine, but anyway, there it is. Our curmudgeonly friend John E. Agnostic […]

My three children are all fairly different in their dispositions. The oldest one is stormy and intellectual. The youngest, she’s complicated and dramatic. The middle child, Lucas, who is six, is sunshiny by nature. I can tell, even at this […]

Sam Crane is performing in a community theater production of “Our Town” this summer, and it got him to thinking about Taoist themes in the play. For Taoism, he writes: Th e complex is to be found in the simple, […]

When I heard the first audio clip of one of Mel Gibson’s crazy calls to his girlfriend — the angry, racist rant — I deliberately chose not to post it, though it was disgusting. I thought it ethically proper not […]