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Reihan Salam’s piece on the future of American family structure put me in mind of an episode of the Diane Rehm show I listened to yesterday. Diane’s guest was historian James Patterson, discussing his book “Freedom Is Not Enough,” a […]

I live in a fairly prosperous part of the Philadelphia area. It’s not obvious at all here who is suffering from unemployment. In fact, I wouldn’t even know the man I’ll call Dave is part of the long-term unemployed if […]

First Things’ David Mills comments on the failed Radical Homemaker essay that we talked about here the other day. Excerpt: Living something like the life Hayes describes has its attractions, in theory, at least for someone brought up as I […]

With his column saying that we may be inside a pessimism bubble destined to burst, Ross Douthat was trying to cheer me and my gloomer tribe up. Douthat FAIL! He introduced me to this recent NYT profile on stock forecaster […]

As readers of my book “Crunchy Cons” know, I’m a big fan of small houses. Architectural historian Jayne Merkel thinks we Age of Austerity folks have a lot to re-learn about the virtues of small houses. Excerpt: In an era […]

That’s what Richard Florida calls this current economic period, compared to those in the past. Excerpt: While some do not want to face the looming reality, it is becoming clearer every single day that what we face is not any […]

John Robb says that’s the real social and economic story now. The postwar creation of a broad middle class in America allowed for stability because it provided a broad base for prosperity and creativity. But that’s going away, he believes. […]

Here’s a long, informative report from Greece, painting an unsettling portrait of a country at the beginning of harsh austerity. What’s particularly interesting is the story’s look at how Greek cultural and political habits caused the country’s economic troubles — […]

Megan McArdle, referencing the NYT piece on how hard fiscal austerity has been on Ireland, makes an important point: Austerity is an expensive form of insurance against a true fiscal crisis. And though it doesn’t necessarily seem like it when […]

What I know about economics is next to nothing; no economics Cult of the Amateur here! But I cannot wrap my mind around the argument Paul Krugman has been making, namely that we are dead wrong to cut spending in […]