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John O’Sullivan, commenting on Gordon Brown’s gaffe: What makes this much more than simply embarrassing for Labour is that it illustrates the private contempt of Left elites for ordinary Labour voters, with their old-fashioned patriotic and conservative social prejudices on […]

Did you know we’re coming up on 40 years since the release of the Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street,” which to my mind is the greatest rock album of all time? Forty years! Here’s a marvelous story from Sunday’s […]

Thought-provoking piece on Slate today about a NOAA report forecasting what’s facing the weather agency between now and 2035. Slate writer Jim Tankersley takes the data and foresees climate-driven social and political change coming down the road. Excerpt: Mass migrations […]

Boing Boing explains why we’ve all got to start working “yaka-wow” into our daily conversation. For example:

Is there anything the writer William T. Vollmann won’t try for the sake of a good story? He visits a Japanese make-up artist who caters to Japanese businessmen who secretly want to cross-dress. He discovers, among other things, that the […]

Heather Mac Donald, writing in City Journal, criticizes a New York City program to help the poor by giving them cash rewards for constructive behavior, saying it’s built on a misunderstanding of why inner-city Americans (versus, say, Mexicans) are poor. […]

A great Edge exchange between Evgeny Morozov and Clay Shirky about how the Internet and digital technology works to affect power relations within polities. Morozov says he thinks techno-utopians in the press are taking a too-narrow view of how the […]

How London’s Victoria & Albert Museum dealt with the challenge of presenting Christian art to a public that has forgotten the narratives that defined the West. Excerpt: This situation is unprecedented in western civilisation: even 50 years ago, when these […]

A comment from a combox thread: Scotch Meg, While I am generally supportive of home schooling, it seems to me that if you want children educated in a common culture people should rather be boosting church schools, which of course […]

David Pogue’s NYT review of the iPad seems to have captured perfectly the polarization it’s causing. Techno-geeks tend to hate it, while the masses love it. Laura Miller’s Salon piece spells out what I intuited about why I’d love to […]