Rod Dreher

Just got a call from a friend from down South who’s vacationing with his family in Quebec City. He said he’d read my report about the incivility at the Fourth of July event in downtown Philadelphia, and couldn’t help contrasting it with what he’s seeing at public parks and suchlike in Quebec. He says the key thing, from what he can tell, is that people seem to have a sense of pride, both in themselves and in their public places. There’s a shared sense of decorum, and order. He says he also notices that far fewer people walking around on their mobile phones, especially texting. Says he and his wife and kids were at a public park with a swimming pool, and families were enjoying the day and each other with not the least hint of incivility. “My wife said, ‘Can you imagine what this would be like back home?'” The question was not meant to be flattering to their hometown. Alas.

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