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My sister Ruthie went to see her oncologist today for results from last Friday’s CT scan. As you may remember, she was diagnosed in February with advanced lung cancer, despite never having smoked a day in her life. Many of you have been praying for her, and she’s so encouraged by those prayers. When I was down there recently, Ruthie asked me to print out for her all the posts I’ve put up here on Beliefnet about her situation, and your comments, so she could read them and be comforted. And she has needed a lot of comfort: given the seriousness of this kind of cancer, Dr. Militello has been hitting her with everything he’s got in the way of chemotherapy. She has suffered terribly this year.
Well, I just got this text from her, verbatim:
Tumor got smaller! Fluid in lung almost gone. Dr. Militello was very excited. Your prayers are working. Please keep it up. Love, Ruthie
Tumor got smaller! The only three words I can think of right now that would sound sweeter to me are “I am cured.” But I’m simply beyond grateful all the same, both to God and to you all for your prayers on Ruthie’s behalf. If you like, go to her Facebook page and offer support. Or do so here in the comboxes; I’m going to print this out for her anyway. Up above, a photo Julie took of Ruthie and me last week.
Let me say again to you kind readers: “Your prayers are working. Keep it up.”

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