Rod Dreher

And the Grahams — no Renaissance popes when it comes to taste in sacred art — are mighty proud of it, showcasing the Kinkade mural “The Cross” as a highlight of your visit to the Billy Graham Library. Take a look at the thing. Kinkade writes, “As I worked it was as if heavenly light began to pour upon the canvas.”
Well, something sure poured upon the canvas. Did you see that Kinkade got popped for drunk driving last week? Turns out that the Painter of Light has allegedly been piling up a number of alcohol-related embarrassing incidents, including supposedly going wee-wee on Winnie the Pooh.
Somehow, I imagine Kinkade painting “The Cross” while lit up like a Christmas tree on pink squirrels with absinthe floaters.
UPDATE: Joe Carter updates his great post from last summer, in which he pointed out, using illustrations, that Kinkade used to be a painter of considerable talent, before he sold out and started minting money by painting crap.

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