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I haven’t thought much about the passing of Sen. Robert C. Byrd. The only things I knew about him were a) that he was the undisputed master of pork-barrel legislating, b) that he was once a Klansman (though a repentant […]

From an interview with sociologist Gail Dines: In the preface of your book, you share a personal story about a conversation you had with your son over pornography. You write, “I said [to him] that should he decide to use […]

You’ve got to read or listen to this NPR story. It’s about neuroscientist Jim Fallon, who has made a career of studying the brains of psychopaths. A few years ago, his aged mother told him he should research his father’s […]

Behold, a gallant Frenchman shows you how to freaking open a bottle of wine with your shoe! Are they a great people, or what? Say, we need a show for avid indoorsmen, like Your Working Boy, that features some rake […]

Now we’re getting more information about why Belgian police launched that unprecedented raid on Belgian Catholic church properties: Four days after a series of police raids of Catholic institutions in Belgium that drew sharp criticism from the pope, the reason […]

What I know about economics is next to nothing; no economics Cult of the Amateur here! But I cannot wrap my mind around the argument Paul Krugman has been making, namely that we are dead wrong to cut spending in […]

David Rieff says that yes, we have grown too trusting in the opinions of experts, who have proven themselves to be unreliable, but that we now face the opposite threat from the Cult of the Amateur. Excerpt: On both the […]

This is a story both heartbreaking and infuriating: VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican issued an unprecedented public rebuke Monday of a leading cardinal who had questioned the church’s policy of celibacy and openly criticized the retired Vatican No. 2 […]

Pretty sobering piece about the military hierarchy from Andrew Bacevich, the retired Army colonel and religious conservative whose son was killed fighting in Iraq. Bacevich warns that the McChrystal mouthing-off was a sign of a deeper rot. Excerpt: Throughout history, […]

That is the shocking allegation by Alexandra Colen, an orthodox Belgian Catholic, who details her long fight with Cardinal Danneels and the Belgian Catholic hierarchy (including the pedophile recently retired bishop Vangheluwe) over a pedophilic sex-ed book approved for Belgium’s […]