Rod Dreher

1. Did Michelangelo conceal a drawing of the human brain within God’s beard?
2. Writer Susan Orlean briefly feared she was going to have to pay alleged Pooh-piddler Thomas Kinkade a million dollars. She’s not scared of that anymore.
3. Check out these breathtaking painted exterior walls of Orthodox monasteries in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. Excerpt:

When the Moldavian prince Stephen the Great won his first decisive victory against the Turks five and a quarter centuries ago, he decided to mark the occasion with a grand monastery and adorn its walls with the colorful work of artisans of the day. With his second victory came another monastery. With the third, yet another.
The result of his victories — 46 in all — was an unprecedented building spree within the densely forested terrain of the Bucovina region in modern Romania. The tradition was embraced by his son and successor, Petru Rares, and their vassals. Many of the mural-covered monasteries and churches survive, nestled in a valley, having withstood the withering summer sun and winter winds for centuries. What started out as Stephen the Great’s war trophies have become some of the world’s most stunning works of art.

I’ll say! Look at this exterior wall from one of the monasteries:

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