Rod Dreher

I’m addicted to Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” travel food show, which I watch via streaming Netflix. Bourdain is a self-conscious cool guy, and at times, something of a jerk. But he’s compulsively watchable. Though I wish he would trash the food he’s served sometimes, the thing I like most about him is he gets passionate about the sensual qualities of food. Here’s a bit from an enjoyable review of Bourdain’s latest book:

Medium Raw, Bourdain’s sequel, takes stock of both the changes in his life and in the culinary world he inhabits. Which are quite a few. Bourdain kicked his heroin habit, got divorced, remarried (spending time in between with a coked-up heiress, some plastic surgery victims and the Gadhafis on an island in the Caribbean). He is now a doting father – and blissfully uncool. The essence of cool is “not giving a f*ck,” he writes.

Just so.

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