Rod Dreher

Guess what? It’s still allergy season for me. Last week things seemed to be improving, but I woke up this morning hit hard with the stuff. When I’m like that, it’s hard to get out of bed, so I kept hitting the alarm this morning, and we ran out of time to get to our usual parish for Divine Liturgy. We went to a closer one, with a later liturgy, and I had to sit down for much of it. I was dizzy and felt like a scarecrow, as if my insides were made of straw. I couldn’t even last through the end of announcements before having to go home. Crawled into bed and slept for four hours this afternoon.
I tried a neti pot for a while, which helped with the congestion, but not with the chronic fatigue. Julie asked if I thought I had mono or anything, but I said no, I can always tell when I wake up in the morning congested, that it’s going to be a day of fatigue. One of my readers recommended taking a mushroom supplement from Vitamin Shoppe, which he said was the only thing that helped with his severe allergies. I couldn’t find a Vitamin Shoppe around here, but today I ordered some of the stuff from the store online. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. You ask: Idiot, why haven’t you gone to the doctor yet? My answer to you is: mostly because I don’t want to go through the hassle yet of finding a new physicial here (read: I’m lazy), but also because I really, really don’t want to become dependent on drugs to endure allergy season. I keep thinking, “One more week, and it’ll be over.” It’s been five or six weeks for me, and it never seems to end. Is it possible that these allergies can last all summer? If yes, I’m really going to have to get over it, and go find a doctor. But first, I’m going to give the mushroom supplement a try.

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