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Oil industry expert Matt Simmons makes a pretty disturbing case for why the leak BP is showing on its video could not be the real leak — which he argues from the evidence is far worse than what they’re letting […]

New York City officials have voted to allow construction of a $100 million mosque near the site of the World Trade Center. I mean no disrespect to Muslims, but this is an unspeakably bad idea. The 9/11 hijackers brought down […]

Er, wow:Ardi Rizal is a two-pack a day smoker — and he’s two. His dad gave him his first cigarette when he was 18 months old. No word on who gave him his first Twinkie. Unbelievable, some people.

The other night I took the train home from Washington. I found it frustrating that there was only one train to Philadelphia within a large-ish swath of time, and frustrating that I had to wait on a train at 30th […]

FT’s Martin Wolf analyzes the international debt crisis among nations by creating a modern fable: “The Grasshoppers and the Ants”

Consumer confidence and spending is up, as are new home sales. Good news, right? Clusterstock has 25 questions to put to people who think the economic recovery is real. Among them: In what universe is an economy with 39.68 million […]

Megan McArdle says there is no such thing as mass culture anymore, and she’s right. She notes that the final episode of “Lost” drew what is today considered a large viewership — over 13 million — but that compared to […]

Believe it or not, that haggard woman is Sarah Ferguson, the erstwhile Duchess of York, getting off the plane in L.A. after being hit with a Mack truck of a scandal back home in England. Did you see the video […]

Garret Keizer, reviewing Philip Pullman’s latest blast against Christianity, wonders if the public isn’t really largely indifferent to the back-and-forth between believers and their antagonists. Excerpt: The commonly held notion that we are in the midst of a great public […]

I’m going to turn off comments on this entry because any threads having to do with homosexuality always end up going crazy. Still, I want to note an important cultural milestone, and I mean that non-snarkily: for the first time […]