Rod Dreher

I haven’t looked in on military theorist John Robb’s blog in ages. I should do that more often. He’s feeling pretty gloomy about the immediate future. He lists several major economic sources of instability, and concludes:

Unfortunately, all of this is lining up to generate a replay of 2008 but worse. It will be worse this time around because it will be a) more widespread and b) much of what government’s could do to stop it has already been done.

Robb’s not a Chicken Little. He’s trying to figure out how we can get through disruptions from, say, an economic collapse. Check out this post and this post on people who are building small farms and networking them. Robb’s early work was on guerrilla warfare and systems disruption, but he’s now working on a book about how to build communities that can resist economic and resource tumult.

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