Rod Dreher

What is wrong with these people?! Excerpt:

Mandeep Singh Dhillon’s son, Zoraver, learned how to take pictures of himself with his father’s computer when he was four years old, and he immediately wanted to share the results with relatives online. Mr. Dhillon liked the idea of his son developing skills at an early age that he would use for a lifetime, but was also hesitant to let Zoraver loose on the open Internet. He began working on an alternative.
Three years later the result is Togetherville, a social networking site intended for use by children between the ages of six and 10 and their parents. It aims to keep children safe from cyberbullying and other online dangers while allowing them to become comfortable with online interaction. The site, which has been in private beta for several months, was opened to the public on Tuesday night.
Togetherville allows parents to build a social circle for their children based on their own collection of Facebook friends. …

I simply don’t know what to say to that, except, “Next!”

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