Rod Dreher

I’ve put off watching the four-minute video documenting a Columbia, Mo., SWAT drug raid in the middle of the night on the home of a family man who had a little bit of pot, but I finally did. It’s really shocking. The man’s dog barked at the cops as they kicked in the man’s door, so they shot the dog dead. There was a little boy in the house who had to watch all of that. I’m not a libertarian, so I take a harder line on drug crime than some people whose opinions I respect. But this is insane, and unworthy of America. You really need to watch it. Caution: some rude language toward the end, when the homeowner finds out they’ve killed his dog:Via Megan McArdle, who has some very sharp words about this, among them:

Have you ever had one of those arguments in a bar that start around eleven and wind up when the bartender kicks you out? It starts off on some perfectly reasonable topic, but as the hours and the drinks mount up, the participants are forced to stake out some clear logical positions, and in doing so, crawl farther and farther out along the limb they are defending . . . until suddenly you reach a point at which one of the debaters can either abandon their initial commitment, or endorse the slaughter of 30,000 Guatemalan orphans. And there’s this long pause, and then he says, “Look, it’s not like I want to kill those orphans . . . “

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