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The next big thing, reports CNN:

Despite rising cable and satellite TV prices and easy access to streaming TV and movies on the Internet, few consumers have cut the cord. But that looks like it’s about to change.
One in eight consumers will eliminate or scale back their cable, satellite or other pay-TV service this year, according to a new study released this week by Yankee Group.

We get TV solely through our Netflix account, which streams movies to us over the Internet, via our Wii. It gives us everything we want. We haven’t yet found a movie or older TV series available on conventional Netflix that was unstreamable. And I’m taking chances on movies that I never would have rented at the DVD store. For example, over the weekend I watched “It Might Get Loud,” a documentary profile of the guitar players Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. It was pretty good, and the final scene, with the three men playing The Band’s “The Weight” together was worth watching everything that came before it. I was glad I’d watched the film, but there is no way I would have forked over the five dollars to take a chance on it at the store. But Netflix streaming lets you dip in and out of movies. I have in my queue a lengthy German documentary I’ve been meaning to watch for years, “The Architecture of Doom,” about the role Hitler’s preoccupation with art and aesthetics played in Nazism, that I finally found on Netflix. Nobody in my family cares to watch a Nazi doc in German, so I’ve been watching it in parts. Streaming Netflix remembers where you were when you stopped, and picks up there when you start again.
When we let the kids watch TV, there’s a deep library of quality programming to draw from.
If you want to watch TV news (we don’t; we get our news from the newspaper, the radio and the Internet), or are devoted to sports or current TV programs, and feel the need to keep up with the latest episodes (we aren’t and we don’t), then this isn’t for you. But it sure works for us. Oh, Julie and I do watch “Mad Men,” which is currently on hiatus, but we get that over iTunes by buying a season pass, which costs less than one month of cable service. We’ve been curious about the new HBO series “Treme,” and will check to see if it’s available on iTunes. If so, we’ll buy one episode, see if we like it, and then if so, purchase the whole season.
Believe me, streaming Netflix is terrific!

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