Rod Dreher

Sh*t My Kids Ruined — a website you can contribute to. Like this poor fellow whose white shirt suffered the effects of a Mustard Diaper Blowout:
UPDATE: For the sake of sensitivos who have complained of distress at the sight of a Mustard Diaper Blowout, and for ye who may be reading this blog over lunch at your desks, I have moved the photo below the jump. You really should see it, though — and by all means visit that hilarious blog. It’s not even mostly poop-related; that was just the latest entry on the site. I wonder, though, if one’s sensitivity to the grossness of the diaper ‘splosion has anything to do with whether or not one has been a parent who has had to deal with that particular problem. I don’t think any poo photo involving a baby could possibly gross me out. Been there, done that, got all my gagging out of the way years ago.

(H/T: Sullivan)

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