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Julie woke up at six this morning and drove over to the community garden where she’s taken over the plot rented by friends of ours who are too busy to garden there this summer full time. She’s helping out. Besides, […]

Get Religion highlights a couple of stories about Catholic schools firing teachers who declared their atheism — as well as parochial school teachers who pretend to be believers to get jobs in this terrible economy. Excerpt from the GetRel clip: […]

This comment from a parish priest showed up in the (excellent) “Pastors who don’t believe in God” thread. I think Father makes such an important point that it deserves to be highlighted. I especially like his analogy to entering into […]

Read this report. Excerpt: The blockade to Elmer’s [Island] is now four cop cars strong. As we pull up, deputies start bawling us out; all media need to go to the Grand Isle community center, where a “BP Information Center” […]

Guess what? It’s still allergy season for me. Last week things seemed to be improving, but I woke up this morning hit hard with the stuff. When I’m like that, it’s hard to get out of bed, so I kept […]

BP says its “top-kill” attempt to stanch the oil and gas hemorrhaging has failed. Now what? It’s beginning to look like we’re going to have to watch that thing befoul the Gulf at least through August, when the relief well […]

Erin Manning passes along something wunnerful: iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Just back from our neighborhood farmer’s market, carrying three sacks full of kale, chard, lettuce and turnip greens. Also bought two tomatoes — it’s early for them yet, but I’m dying for some fresh tomato — and a jar of […]

Parents of Earth, read this New York Times column! Excerpt: Like many middle-class families, Cortney Munna and her mother began the college selection process with a grim determination. They would do whatever they could to get Cortney into the best […]

When I posted something earlier about the anonymous UK social worker blogger Winston Smith, several of you thought his blog sounded like a sham. Well, here’s a report in The Guardian about him and his work. Excerpt: What inspired you […]