Rod Dreher

He’s the 27-year-old Apple engineer who lost the top-secret new iPhone. He’s described as “tired and broken.” Ya think? Can you just imagine? “Mr. Jobs will see you now, son.”
UPDATE: Gizmodo, which broke the news (and outed Gray Powell), explains why it wasn’t an Apple leak. For example:

While the outing of Apple engineer Gray Powell was inevitable–his name was going to come out anyway, and there is a real if slight chance that foisting him into the public eye might help him keep his job at Apple–I think the way we did it was incredibly tacky. I’ve said my piece to my co-workers, but I bring it up here because it’s important for another reason.
Do you really think Apple would hang one of its engineers out to dry like this? Gray Powell is a real person–hell, he’s just a kid–who will now spend the rest of his life or at least the foreseeable future of his career living down one of the biggest gaffes in tech history. Apple may be cruel, but I don’t think they’re that evil.

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