Rod Dreher

An old friend and fellow Louisiana expat passes this story along to me this morning:

My aunt has a social worker friend. This friend was checking on one of her clients who is developmentally disabled and lives by himself. While checking on him, she heard thumping noises coming out of his bedroom. When she questioned him about the noise, he told her that he had a troll in the walls of his house. She dismissed it considering his active imagination and disability. But the noise did not cease. She said she was going to check on the noise, but he begged her not to because the “troll would hurt him”. She said, “I am sure it is just an animal trapped in the walls – don’t worry.”
She went into his bedroom and saw that his dresser had been pushed in front of his closet door. So, she moved it and opened the door….only to find a midget in the closet weakly banging on the closet door for help.
Apparently, the midget is a Jehovah Witness and came by to tell the developmentally disabled guy about “Jesus”. During their discourse, the midget angered the guy with the developmental disability. So, he captured the troll and put him in his closet. He had been there for two days. They still don’t know if he is going to press charges.
Only in Dixie…only in Dixie.

UPDATE: Oh dang, dang, dang, Snopes says this is an urban legend. How disappointing! Well, it easily could have happened down South. This is very believable. Rats, I hate it when the truth ruins a good story.

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