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Ross Douthat, who is Catholic and an admirer of Pope Benedict, makes sense in his clear-eyed column today. The conclusion is a bit puzzling, though: There has been some accountability for the abusers, but not nearly enough for the bishops […]

Lucas, my six-year-old, broke his arm running down the sidewalk a couple of weeks back. He had to go get a cast the next day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but that afternoon, he was treated by a hospital closer […]

This morning’s NYTimes brings us the shocking news that as Archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger was preoccupied with theological matters. Clutch the pearls! Here’s the story. Excerpt: When Pope Benedict XVI was archbishop of Munich and Freising, he was broadly […]

Show me show show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream, she said…Cooking this afternoon in the kitchen, listening to music from the Eighties, and seized by unexpected delight.Out of all those kinds of people, […]

Andrew Sullivan links to a post in which the writer discloses the secret of eating exotically and well for cheap. Excerpt: People are always railing, of course, about how people on food stamps don’t buy enough healthy food. But heaven […]

Regular readers know that my sister Ruthie Leming is battling stage four lung cancer, and that St. Francisville, our Louisiana hometown, has been rallying strongly to her side, and to the side of her family. Well, on Saturday April 10, […]

I had a great conversation with a new friend on a train ride today. I don’t think he’s religious at all, but we got to talking about Lent, and asceticism. He said that it’s no surprise to him that American […]

From — believe it or not — Scientific American, research psychologist Jesse Bering’s charming reflections on how science is paving the way for an even wider celebration of diversity. Excerpt: In any event, philosophical questions aside, I simply find it […]

Having been away from the keys most of the day, I want to post an important update to the commentary on the Catholic sex abuse scandal and Pope Benedict’s response. The journalist John Allen has provided one of his typically […]

Today’s paper brings news that as the Archbishop of Munich, Pope Benedict knew more about the molester priest’s transfer than the Vatican has admitted. This should not be surprising; as the editor who ran the Boston Globe’s coverage of the […]