Rod Dreher

More murders of Nigerian Christians this week. Excerpt:

LAGOS, Nigeria – Attackers killed 12 people Wednesday morning in a small Christian village in central Nigeria, officials said, cutting out most of the victims’ tongues in the latest violence in a region where religious fighting already has killed hundreds this year.
The attack almost mirrored the tactics used by those who carried out similar massacres in Christian villages last week when more than 200 people were slaughtered.
Under the cover of darkness and a driving rain, raiders with machetes entered the village of Byie early Wednesday, setting fire to homes and firing gunshots into the air to drive frightened villagers into the night, witness Linus Vwi said.
“It was raining. They took that advantage,” Vwi said.
Vwi said he and about 20 neighbors rushed into the surrounding wilderness, cowering in bushes as they listened to screams.

First Things has been writing about this here and here. Jody Bottum has further observed that while there have been Christian attacks on Muslims, by far the greater violence has been Muslim against Christians.The magazine is behind an effort to hold a rally on April 7 in New York to draw attention to the Nigerian government’s failure to protect its people (it should be noted that Muslims have been attacked by Christians too). Information about that rally here.

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