Rod Dreher

From the website of Bible Believers Evangelical Association, the Dallas-area ministry run by Ruth and Leon Bates, the couple responsible for this famous folk art image of the Rapture:

NOTICE the airplane crashing into the skyscraper. Leon had this painting made in 1974, 27 years before the New York tragedy of 9/11/01. When teaching or witnessing with the picture over the years, Leon says he’d heard a rumor that a major airline had established a policy to not schedule a Christian pilot and a Christian Co-pilot on the same flights. He tried to confirm the rumor, but could not. However, there is a Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel ( so could it be true? Leon says that IF SO, it’s a wise policy. And if any listener (or reader of this) is not saved, they should trust Christ for their salvation BEFORE they fly.

So now you know. Order a copy of the Rapture print here.

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