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March 2010 Archives

Well, this is probably the most interesting thing to happen at Dealey Plaza since 1963: in her new video (see it here — thanks to the magic of pixilation, it’s safe for work), singer Erykah Badu takes all her clothes […]

Ricky Martin’s self-outing has Megan McArdle thinking: Why do we think that our love lives are such a central part of our existence that we cannot be perfectly whole unless we’ve shared the major details with the world? I’m not […]

I spoke with my mother this morning on the way to work, and she was telling me in detail how much my sister Ruthie is suffering from the heavy chemotherapy she’s on to fight her lung cancer. It’s absolutely heartbreaking […]

A Chicago area reader passes along a Boston Globe Ideas section Q&A in which Stewart Brand, pioneering environmentalist and author of “The Whole Earth Catalog,” sounds the alarm about the dangers of underpopulation. Excerpt: IDEAS: So as people start to […]

Lovely story from today’s NYT food section about Darina Allen, an Irish woman who has worked hard to bring back traditional Irish cooking. Excerpt: “Using elements of native cuisine in a white-tablecloth setting was totally new in Ireland at the […]

From reader Michael Wenberg in Walla Walla: So much bad news lately, but wanted to share something quite beautiful that happened over the weekend. I’m CEO of a small town symphony orchestra that has been around since 1907 (I also […]

A reader writes: Have you heard about the 11 year-old Western Pennsylvania boy, Jordan Brown, who killed his father’s live-in fiancée, who was pregnant with their child, with a shotgun? He is now, at 12 years old, to be tried […]

On today, the first day of Passover, Sharon Astyk writes about welcoming the stranger. Excerpt: One of the central pieces of the Passover story, then, which is so important we tell it twice, on two separate nights, is this – […]

That’s what organizers of the fundraising concert for my sister Ruthie Dreher Leming are calling the event — and Leming-Aid now has a Facebook page. Several of you have kindly asked how you can donate money. Really, my family is […]

So says Theodore Dalrymple, whose regular readers know was a prison physician. Excerpt: The problem with low self-esteem is not self-dislike, as is often claimed, but self-absorption. However, it does not follow from this that high self-esteem is not a […]