Rod Dreher

“If Darth Vader got into a fight with Caillou, who would win?”
These and other pertinent questions being pondered here at our place on this snow day. Blizzard bearing down on us — the third major snowstorm this year, and the fourth of the winter — and I’m at home with three small children. Mom is down in Louisiana helping out with the family medical crisis. The newspaper says we could be looking at massive power outages once the high winds attack the snow-burdened trees late this evening.
Says Matthew, anxiously, “Do you mean we could be without the Internet?”
Says Daddy, anxiously and to himself, “Do you mean we could be without the Wii?”
If you see Punxsutawney Phil crossing the road, hit the accelerator, savor the thump, and don’t look back. After this winter, not even a jury composed of PETA googoos would convict you.

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