Rod Dreher

So I take the dog out for his morning constitutional, only to find that we can’t safely cross the parking lot in front of our apartment. It’s on a hillside and has patches of black ice all over it; I nearly slipped when I stepped off the sidewalk. Dog wouldn’t do his business near the apartment, in part because he’s too distracted by the mounds of snow everywhere. It’s 18 degrees outside, and I finally got too tired of waiting on him.
Come back inside, pour another cup of coffee, go to to see what the local headlines are, and read this:

A storm from the Midwest is expected to merge with another nor’easter tomorrow – and then converge on Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Northern Delaware.
“Explodes Wednesday” are the words over this area on an forecast map.
Before the region can finish digging out from the deepest February snow on record, much more could be on the way, starting tomorrow night.
Likely is at least foot of snow, according to a National Weather Service chart. For Philadelphia, the chance of at least 9 inches of snow is 90 percent, 12 inches 70 percent.
But there could be more.
“Numbers up to 2 feet are not out of the realm of possibility,” reads a morning discussion out of the NWS’s Mount Holly office.

Oh, this is just great. Days more being cooped up in the house with a constipated dog. Let joy be unconfined. I have a strange new respect for warm, flat places like, uh, Dallas.

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