Rod Dreher

Jamie Oliver’s wonderful TED talk about fighting obesity in America:Lent is almost upon us liturgical Christians, and we’ll be thinking about food, and about repentance. Anybody have any ideas about what we can do in our own lives to change our ways and to eat better (things outside our usual Lenten fasting requirements)? Jamie Oliver speaks in his TED talk about how people who know how to cook simple, healthy, tasty food should teach others to do so. I know lots of people who say they want to eat better, but they don’t know how to cook for themselves, and cooking seems like such a complicated thing to them. It’s really not hard at all to make healthy food for oneself — but people just need the knowledge and the confidence that they can do it. Maybe we who know how to cook and who love cooking can offer free classes, in our church kitchens or own kitchens, in how to prepare healthy food. Yes? Help me think through this.

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