Rod Dreher

Via the physics blog on MIT’s Technology Review site, here’s fascinating news from the world of quantum physics, about the potential for using quantum principles to teleport energy. Excerpt:

Just how we might exploit the ability to teleport energy isn’t clear yet. Post your suggestions in the comments section if you have any.
But the really exciting stuff is the implications this has for the foundations of physics. Hotta says that his approach gives physicists a way of exploring the relationship between quantum information and quantum energy for the first time.
There is a growing sense that the properties of the universe are best described not by the laws that govern matter but by the laws that govern information. This appears to be true for the quantum world, is certainly true for special relativity, and is currently being explored for general relativity. Having a way to handle energy on the same footing may help to draw these diverse strands together.
Interesting stuff. There’s no telling where this kind of thinking might lead.

Hmm, that puts the opening line of the Gospel of John — “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…” — in an interesting light.

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