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I am willing to open this forum up for liveblogging Snowmageddon. The first sprinkling of the white stuff has just begun to fall here in Philadelphia. It’s soft and beautiful — but that’s clearly what this Mephistophelian precipitation wants us to think. I have already put away two bowls of shrimp etouffee and a tall glass of the fantastically bitter and hoppy locally brewed Sly Fox IPA. Diana Krall is on the music box. Ready, I am, to meet my Maker, because I am reliably informed by the news media that no one will get out of this one alive. I invite you to share your last thoughts as the End of Days arrives. UPDATE: Run for your lives, ye miserable crawlin’ worms! Reader mm sends us a clip of the Weatherman of the Snowpocalypse! Watch:UPDATE.2: Uh, wow, that’s a lot of freaking snow. Holy cow. Here’s a summary of the reactions around here this morning:Dad: Uh, wow, that’s a lot of freaking snow. Did I get enough bread yesterday? I don’t think I got enough bread yesterday. Should I have this piece of toast? I forgot to buy a snow shovel! Idiot! Oh damn damn damn damn damn, the dog needs walking, and the snow is almost over his head. Woe!Kids: YAY! Yay yay yay yay yay yay YAY! Can we go out now? Can we please go out? Can we please please please please please, can we, can we…”Dog: Well, I don’t know what the dog is thinking, but when I took him out for his morning constitutional, he was freaked out by the snow, which really is almost over his head, and didn’t produce. I know what he’s probably thinking. I know what he’d better not be thinking.Dad (follow-up): Hell, now I have to worry about where I step around the apartment this morning.

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