Rod Dreher

Folks, my presence on this blog will be light in the days to come. I’ve just received terrible news of a critical family medical emergency, and will be getting on a plane for Louisiana this afternoon. I’m not at liberty to share details right now, out of privacy concerns, but I do beg your prayers for us. I will share more information as I am able.
To be sure, I’m not at odds with my stricken family member, but let me beg something else of you: right now, on this very day, ask forgiveness of those you’ve offended, and offer it to those who have offended you. Be reconciled, if you can. Don’t live as if you have all the time in the world, because you don’t. None of us do.
Change your life. Repent. Love. It’s urgent. You have no idea how urgent until you get a phone call like I received this morning.

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