Rod Dreher

Libertarian demi-god David Boaz says yeah, yeah, ‘Avatar’ is a melange of leftist cliches, but the Right is ignoring a powerful conservative theme in the film. Excerpt:

Conservatives rallied to the defense of Susette Kelo when the Pfizer Corp. and the city of New London, Conn., tried to take her land. She was unreasonable too, like the Na’vi: She wasn’t holding out for a better price; she just didn’t want to sell her house. As Jake tells his bosses, “They’re not going to give up their home.”
“Avatar” is like a space opera of the Kelo case, which went to the Supreme Court in 2005. Peaceful people defend their property against outsiders who want it and who have vastly more power. Jake rallies the Na’vi with the stirring cry “And we will show the Sky People that they cannot take whatever they want! And that this is our land!”
That’s a story conservatives ought to be able to understand.

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