Rock and Roll Road Trip

I interviewed Jim Kerr this week, lead singer from the band Simple Minds. We covered many topics, including his new solo album, “Lost Boy AKA Jim Kerr”.

But I think my favorite story was the one he told about how the band came to record the biggest song of their career, “Don’t You Forget About Me” which was featured in the movie, “The Breakfast Club.”

I’m writing a feature about Jim for – but thought you might enjoy hearing him tell me this anecdote.  Here is the story.

YouTube Preview Image

Something special – recently I sat down at the home of Phil Collen from Def Leppard – he shared some of the new live album that’s coming out this week, “Mirrorball” – which includes three new studio tracks as well. More to follow once the album is released, but here’s a glimpse of our visit…

This weekend, Jeff Beck is up for no less than five Grammy awards (he’s got five under his belt already, and though he’s not keyed in on winning awards, he does seem to appreciate what they mean).

 As I write my article on him, focusing on the special, kindred musical relationship he had with Les Paul, here’s another short clip from our conversation in which he talks about young artists that he’s influenced…

It isn’t every day one gets to sit down with an icon on  a par with Jeff Beck so today was a memorable one. I’ll be writing a piece in the next few days about it but here is a glimpse of our chat today – we’re talking about Les Paul – and the first time Beck ever heard him. Their amazing relationship resulted in a new album of Beck playing Les Paul standards right where Les played ’em for so many years – at Iridium in NYC.