Rock and Roll Road Trip

How crushingly sad to hear the news that Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson passed away from cancer at age 69. I was lucky enough to have seen them in their prime back in the early 80s and their shows were always an electric, joyous, love-filled explosion – the soulful sparks between them were inspirational.

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I spoke with former Talking Head David Byrne recently. In addition to talking about his new DVD, he explained how his performance style has changed since those wonderfully quirky days back at CBGB in the mid 1970s…

“In the early days, I was driven to get on stage. It was a personal psychological need, a self-therapy, and it was cathartic and necessary — but not always pleasurable. I was also a bit more of a control freak then than I am now. When you’ve stripped everything down to zero and have begun building it back up step-by-step, the first baby steps are pretty critical and sort of determine where the road takes you. Now I realize I actually enjoy singing and performing, which I’m not sure I did at first.”

You can read the interview here.

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UPDATE – Here is the full article.

I interviewed Tom Delonge from Blink 182 yesterday in a piece that will be running on Noisecreep next week. He was diagnosed with skin cancer last year, it was treated and he’s fine now, but he’s taken up the cause for breast cancer on the current Blink 182/My Chemical Romance tour.

You can find out how to get involved and even meet Tom backstage at a show by looking here.

And here’s a PSA Tom created recently.

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Our son leaves for college today and we are, as many feel in this moment, all over the map. Proud as can be – but aching in the notion that the house will be quieter without all the wonderful noise.

I’ve gotten to know Christopher Cross this year. He has a wonderful new album called “Dr. Faith” and on it is a song I think is just exquisite. It’s called “Hey Kid” and I cut a little montage to it in honor of our wonderful son – and in a way – to all the parents this month with lumps in their throats as their beloveds hit the road.