Rock and Roll Road Trip

We just got back from a road trip to the Sequoia National Forest. We stayed at the lovely Wuksachi Lodge, which features a fantastic restaurant, spacious rooms and makes you feel right t home in the woods – an amazing place. We drove a fair amount while there, one mini-road trip that featured about 15 miles of winding, white-knuckle, sheer-drop views that, while gorgeous, sort of make one a bit anxious (especially if that one is not too crazy about heights).

That’s when the perfect piece of music can save the day – for me on this day, it was a CD featuring the early hit singles of the Rolling Stones – Not Fade Away, Come On, Satisfaction, Get Off My Cloud – without that music I might still be up on that mountain with my family – calm, confidence, focus – it’s hard to describe what good medicine music can make.

What music gets you through? What makes things all right? What saves you?

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