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That’s what the tide of revolt in the Arab world signifies, at least according to Scott Shane’s news analysis in today’s NYT: For many specialists on terrorism and the Middle East, though not all, the past few weeks have the […]

That’s pretty much the bottom line in Nate Silver’s regression analysis of the impact of 23 demographic factors on partisan voting in the 2008 election. His object was to see how much of a difference union membership makes to the […]

Secularism and atheism on the rise. Paganism and agnosticism not so much. Adultery way up there. (H/T Culturomics)

Gallup’s new portrait of GOP presidential candidate preferences by issue preference displays some moderately interesting features. Among frontrunners Huckabee, Romney, and Palin, Huckabee is the choice of social conservatives; Romney, of economic conservatives; and Palin, of foreign policy conservatives. Mostly […]

Visiting a private Christian school in South Carolina two days ago, former PA senator and would-be GOP presidential nominee Rick Santorum opined, “The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our […]

Surprise, surprise! Not. Pew’s latest report on religion and the Tea Party shows Tea Party support to be centrally located in the community of white evangelicals, who are five times more likely to agree than disagree with the T.P. agenda. […]

Back around Thanksgiving, we brought you the story of Michael Izbicki, the ensign and Annapolis grad who had sued the Navy in federal court for turning down his application to be discharged because his Christian faith had led him become […]

Earlier this month, the big dog in the Catholic hierarchy, Tim Dolan of New York, told NCR’s John Allen that church leaders needed to project a “sense of contrition” if they are to recover their pre-scandal credibility. “What we have […]

What to make of J Street, the Israel Lobby of the Left that has created such heartburn in the American Jewish Establishment? Jim Besser, the Jewish Week‘s veteran Washington correspondent, offers a fine, well-balanced guide for the perplexed in advance […]

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