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Evidently, iPhones are in danger of attack and the only defense currently is to shut them off: Yesterday, we wrote about a serious security flaw that could allow a remote attacker to take control of the victim’s iPhone by sending […]

Yay! It’s about time! Now when I go to the mall and hangout while my daughters are doing their thing (usually youth group related), I can surf the net on my iTouch. (via)

Lets you find the nearest cannabis dealer. Approved by Apple probably because medical marijuana is legal in California (and that’s the focus of the app). It currently covers 13 US states which have passed laws allowing medical cannabis use, legal […]

Not flesh-eating robots as originally reported: RTI’s patent pending robotic system will be able to find, ingest and extract energy from biomass in the environment. Despite the far-reaching reports that this includes “human bodies,” the public can be assured that […]

Pretty cool app that avoids speed traps but it’s ticking off the police, revenue stream must be down: “I think that’s the whole point of this program,” she told The Examiner. “It’s designed to circumvent law enforcement — law enforcement […]

This is even worse then anything on the Terminator! The military is creating steam-powered robots that would consume organic material (including dead bodies) as its source of fuel. Thus giving them even more incentive to wipe us out: Robotic Technology […]

They’ve removed it from their website, they were getting complaints: “We make a point of listening to our customers,” a Microsoft representative said in an e-mail Thursday morning. “We created the OMGIGP video as a tongue-in-cheek look at the InPrivate […]

So, you’re going to see “Transformers 2” and you know you’re not going to make it through the entire movie because it’s 2 1/2 hours long and you’ll be drinking a mega soda that they call a small. But you […]

I really hope they do this because now the fuel tax is hidden and once people get a monthly bill, they may actually do something to vote out the people trying to overtax them: The year is 2020 and the […]

Microsoft desperately needs a new ad agency, their new commercials reek. This is one of the better ones:You can see the rest here but be warned one of them has projectile vomiting. Yech! (Yeah, something I’d like to see while […]