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So, I wasn’t able to blog. I wanted to blog about the prop. 8 decision but I didn’t get the chance (my mother-in-law and I talked too much this morning) and now I have to go to the rehearsal for […]

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off and at least pausing long enough to remember those who gave their life so that we can live in freedom. We thank them for their sacrifice and appreciate their love for this […]

If you haven’t read his article go read it. It will be amusing to both the left and the right. It’s about his reaction to protesters who passed by a fancy restaurant that overlooked the beach they were marching on […]

He suggested I have the port removed from my chest as soon as we are done with the treatment and I will only need to see him every three months. I think he suggested I take out the port because […]

I completed my final final this morning. I’m done and I’m so thankful I never have to study for another Hebrew quiz or an OT final ever again. Yes! I was going crazy this week studying for this final, I […]

It seems that my CA-125 number dropped from 148 to 20!!! My oncologist thinks that once my surgeon finds out the number is that low, he would probably be OK with me only having 6 chemo treatments instead of the […]

He’s going to recommend that my oncologist give me 9 chemo treatments instead of 6. He wants me to have a negative CA-125 for a couple chemo treatments before they stop giving me chemo. Bummer! This means that I’m not […]

That’s the title of Paul David Tripp’s new book, it’s 52 meditations on Psalm 27. Here’s a video promoting the book which is one of the best book promotion videos I’ve seen. It convinced my to buy it. I should […]

But it’s close! Long time readers of this blog know that I’ve wanted an iPhone since it was first announced. I loved its looks, portability, and ease of use. Recently we bought our 13-year-old an iTouch for her birthday and […]

I will never have to take a Hebrew quiz again! I am sooooo happy! Let’s celebrate: (via)I think I did OK, it was my desire to finish off on a high note, I hope I did. Professor Green is pretty […]