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Did you guys see the new anti-soda ad from NYC?Yech! Good commercial to watch if you have to cut out soda. I recently had to give up all caffeine, so no more sodas. It’s been easy enough to give them […]

My grandma had a major stroke on Sunday and she isn’t expected to recover from it, the neurosurgeon says that she can go at any moment. Please pray that I can get my mother over there (PA) before she dies. […]

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and looking forward to spending it with friends and family. Every year we have Thanksgiving meal at my sister’s so I never have to cook a turkey, for that I am thankful 🙂 […]

Here’s some words of wisdom for those of us who are struggling, I found it encouraging, maybe you will as well:I agree with Matt Chandler that getting up early is the best time to focus on the Lord and his […]

Good news from the oncologist, my CA 125 is 7.5. Three months after chemo and the number continues to go down (at least a tiny bit, the last number was 8 🙂 Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. Praising […]

And organic milk, Whole Foods and even Mini Coopers (yes, I’m thinking that it might be my next car — preferably the nightfire red). What’s this confession all about? Well, apparently, Glenn Beck freaked out the lefties by being spotted […]

Thought I would note it in case I’m not the only one living in a bubble. Please join me in praying for him and his family during this time of struggle as they deal with it. Even though the cancer […]

Pretty cool! The look that was once sported by both Mona Lisa and Elizabeth I is now being sold as the last word in modernity. The thinking seems to be that if you’ve exhausted every other manner of facial alteration […]

I’m going to be hanging out with my family today, so no blogging (or even tweeting or facebook). Real conversation, not electronic 🙂 I’ll leave you with this. The real reason famous people die in threes 🙂

She is the doctor who discovered she had breast cancer in Antarctica and operated on herself to biopsy the tumor. The cancer metastasized five years later to her liver, bones and brain: Nearly a decade after she was rescued from […]