Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Will Republicans and Democrats come together and work on the problems with our health care system? Jon Stewart is certainly hopeful that the summit will produce a meaningful dialog on health care that can lead to real change:But of course this is Washington where bipartisanship is doing what the party in power wants to do:

After a brief period of consultation following the White House health reform summit, congressional Democrats plan to begin making the case next week for a massive, Democrats-only health care plan, party strategists told POLITICO.A Democratic official said the six-hour summit was expected to “give a face to gridlock, in the form of House and Senate Republicans.”Democrats plan to begin rhetorical, and perhaps legislative, steps toward the Democrats-only, or reconciliation, process early next week, the strategists said.After the summit, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid planned to take the temperature of their caucuses.”The point [of the summit] is to alter the political atmospherics, and it will take a day or two to sense if it succeeded,” the official said.

But the Canadian crowd was cheering for the Swiss over us because they were still ticked that we beat them:

And that U.S. victory over Canada has apparently tweaked many northern neighbors. The crowd at the game Wednesday was clearly rooting for the Swiss. There were many Americans in the stands, but they were outnumbered by the hockey-crazed Canadians who cheered every save by Switzerland’s goalie Jonas Miller.

We really ticked them off by beating their team. If America wins the gold in hockey on Canadian soil, I don’t think the Canadians would be able to handle it.

My patriotism has me rooting for the US hockey team but I would feel really bad for Canada if they didn’t get the gold. It would become a national obsession. They would spend the next four years hating the team that beat them. Michigan Gov. Grandholm doesn’t seem to have a problem rooting for America:

“The U.S., come on!” Granholm said jokingly during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”
“I left Canada when I was four!”

Update: OOPS! Sorry, Canada! USA takes it 5 to 3.

Very funny video of two talking heads on the BBC Sky News speculating why Biden has a mark on his forehead (they wonder if he got the mark in Vancouver :-). Wait for the punchline at the end:Update: Pretty clueless myself there, huh? I just noticed that it was Sky News when I showed the clip to my daughter.