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As Instapundit would say, “HEH” (via)

Did that grab your attention? This is my new favorite “let’s laugh at ourselves” blog. It’s called the Team Tominthebox News Network®, and it’s a riot. And after you read this article, find the one on ESV-Kindle-Only churches. How do […]

You can keep up with the chaos that ensues today as the broadcast channels switch from analog to digital here. My husband isn’t here and I’m not sure how to rescan the channels, I hope my daughter can figure it […]

So, I wasn’t able to blog. I wanted to blog about the prop. 8 decision but I didn’t get the chance (my mother-in-law and I talked too much this morning) and now I have to go to the rehearsal for […]

I’m finally getting around to reading all the comments that you guys were posting when Sarah took over the blog. Sarah told me about this comment: Sarah, you absolutely must not lock your mother in the basement, no matter how […]

Getting on Movable Type. I think it might have been a problem with Vista. (Drat MS! They really blew it this time!) I finally thought to reboot my computer and now, as you can see, I was finally about to […]

And for the light posting this weekend. I was studying for my Prophets final which was today. I think I did OK. It was a lot of work but I read everything I was supposed to read, listened to all […]

Oh.My.Heck! Some of the commenters on this blog have it bad, real bad. You guys have lost it and gone over the deep end. Political discourse has hit a new low on this blog (I can’t say on the Internet […]

I just got back last night from Montreal and was too exhausted to blog and now I’m getting ready for church but I saw something from Friday that I plan to comment on. Full blogging will resume later today

Everyone will be focused on the Olympics, Obama is taking a vacation and who really cares what McCain is doing (unless it’s a snarky ad about Obama 🙂 and I’m not interested in the love life of a potential VP […]