Reformed Chicks Blabbing

I’m sorry but I’m having trouble taking this guy seriously since he has to be in the 1% of the wealthy, given the amount of money his films generate. So, when he says things like this, I can’t get over the fact that he’s talking about himself:

I think they exposed themselves to a lot of middle class people who did believe in their system and they showed everybody the Ponzi scheme that it is. It’s set up like a pyramid, so that the richest 1% at the top have more financial wealth than the 95% beneath them.

But it’s this comment that I find particularly ridiculous:

I started out wanting to explore the premise of capitalism being anti-American, and anti-Jesus, meaning it’s not a Democratic economy. And it’s not run with a moral or ethical code. But when the crash happened, it added a third plot line: not only is capitalism anti-American and anti-Jesus, it doesn’t work.

So, Michael Moore is concerned that our economic system isn’t Jesus-complaint? Um…since when has this been a criteria for an economic system as far as Moore is concerned? I wonder what economic system Moore thinks would have the Jesus’ seal of approval, the political system that Moore thinks can be used for economics as well? Would that system be acceptable to Jesus? We’ll, if you looked at the only nation that God established, you’d see that it was a monarchy under a theocracy. Not something Moore would advocate, I’m sure.
BTW, I thought Moore’s brilliance was on display in the answer to this question: How can Detroit by saved? Tear down houses. Yes, that will have a major impact on their economy.

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