Reformed Chicks Blabbing

OMH! How funny is it that they actually banned Michael Savage in the UK? They let in radical Islamist imams but not a talk show host:

Talk radio host Michael Savage is considering legal action against Britain’s top homeland security official after she released today a list grouping him with terrorists and neo-Nazi murderers banned from entry because the government believes their views might provoke violence.

He may be a xenophobe but I wouldn’t lump him with the terrorists, would you?
His response?

“Darn! And I was just planning a trip to England for their superior dental work and cuisine,” he recalled thinking.
“Then it sank in,” he told WND, “and I said, ‘She said this is the kind of behavior we won’t tolerate? She’s linking me with mass murderers who are in prison for killing Jewish children on buses? For my speech? The country where the Magna Carta was created?'”

He plans to sue for defamation.
BTW, I think it’s smart to ban Fred Phelps, he’s pretty nutty and would probably try to protest funerals while he was there (they banned his daughter as well — I guess no family vacations in England for them).

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