Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Obama is the new Bush. They are finally facing the obvious (what we on the right have known since the days of the campaign), Obama is as big a gaffe machine as Bush:

We all remember those nerve-racking George W. Bush speeches and press conferences. Flubs, gaffes and mispronunciations came so fast and furious, it was like watching that old anti-drug ad. You remember: They cracked an egg into the hot frying pan and said, “This is your brain on drugs.”
For a few blissful weeks into the reign of Obama, I thought those drug-addled, white-knuckle days were past. But tonight he’ll be on “60 Minutes” answering questions far tougher than Leno’s. Will it be an uh-uh-uh-uh-uh night? An um-um-um-um-um night? Will he go after oldsters or maybe chubbettes?
Who knows?
I do know my shattered nerves can’t take it.

Poor lefty! She’s going to have a very tough four years. Believe me, I know 🙂
BTW, she didn’t include in her column Obama’s latest gaffe:

Obama, touring a California electric car plant on Thursday, said, “The 1908 Model T — think about this — the 1908 Model T earned better gas mileage than the typical SUV in 2008.”
“Think about that: 100 years later, and we’re getting worse gas mileage, not better, on SUVs,” Obama said.

Yeah, real smart comparing a car to an SUV. But what’s even funnier:

Jay Klehfoth, chief executive officer of the Centerville, Ind.-based Model T Ford Club of America, said he averages about 25 mpg on his four Model Ts. But with an array of modern regulations, he noted, “You couldn’t build a Model T today because the government wouldn’t let you put it on the road.”

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