Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Yeah, nice bummer sticker! Nice contrast to the Christian fish. Grace vs graceless.
I’m glad the left has let out it’s inner misogynist this election cycle, helps us to see that they really don’t give a crap about women at all and they are just playing lip service to the needs of women in this country.
Feminism has died when females are redefined based on politics. Too bad that gender isn’t the issue and they let ideology get in the way of unity. Women will never gain ascendancy while they let differences divide them. Not too smart to let the man sway them from the real power of the presidency. I’m not surprised by the short-sightedness of the movement, they always struck me as provincial and self-centered (abortion is the only thing they seem to care about and don’t appear to be working to bring the movement to places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. where women are living in horrendous conditions).

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