Reformed Chicks Blabbing

We interrupt the public stoning of Sarah Palin to bring you this:

American Beauty star Bening tells Fox News: “We really want to hear her views … She’s obviously a very accomplished woman. I’m a Democrat, I’m a supporter of Barack Obama but she certainly deserves our respect.”

You may now pick up your rocks, lefties and throw. (BTW, could they have gotten a wackier picture of Palin?)
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And here’s a blast from the past to put this all in perspective. Every presidential election cycle I turn my attention to something else because I can’t stand the suspense and the MSM’s droning on and on about how my candidate has lost the election. This year I can’t do that because of the blog, so I have to weather the storm. McCain very well may lose this thing (it’s really looking like it) but then again this election cycle has stumped the pundits throughout. Who would have thought Obama come from nowhere and unseat Hillary as the anointed candidate? Who would have thought McCain would be able to resurrect his campaign and gain the nomination? Who would have predicted he’d select a conservative and women and energize his base and some of the Hillary supporters? So, I’m not ready to write McCain off yet, despite the polls (though, I’m preparing myself for an Obama presidency).

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