Reformed Chicks Blabbing

Reformed Chicks Blabbing

OK, you’ve worn me down….

I fear that the commenters are confused and need a little help with how Reformed theology is reflected in my posts. Or more specifically how I view the particular news item from a Reformed perspective. So, here’s what I’ll do. I will include in the post a section called “An interpretation of this post from the Reformed perspective” for a couple days so that you get a feel for where I’m coming from and hopefully that will be enough so that I don’t have to keep answering the obvious.
This leads me to a point that I’ve been thinking about making but every time I start writing it I decide that it’s insulting to the intelligence of my readers but then I get comments like this:

since you think you are the “queen” of reformed theology.

And I realize that maybe I should make the obvious clear: I say we look at news from a Reformed perspective because I thought it would honest to say that I come to this blog from a certain perspective. I’m saying it for your benefit, each of us has a worldview, mine is Reformed. It is not an American Evangelical perspective, it’s a Reformed perspective. I don’t say that my opinion is indicative of those who call themselves Reformed, I’m just saying that Reformed theology governs my interpretation of my world. I thought this was obvious but commenters seem to be confused, so I thought I would state it to help them out.
Now, if you are such a literalist that you think I meant that every single post I wrote would reflect my worldview, then maybe Reformed Chicks Blabbing isn’t for you and you need a more serious blog. Plenty of them out there. Humor is humor whether you are Reformed or not. It’s funny to think you’re getting a Michelle Obama saying the “w” word that everyone on the Internet is talking about and it turns out to be Rick Astley, or video of a parrot that reminds you of Obama supporters :-) Humor is universal and as creatures who share a common humanity, culture, language, etc., we will find some of the same things humorous.
So, lighten up my Reformed brethren. I’m not trying to be the standard bearer of Reformed theology, I just wanted to give my readers a heads up that a Reformed weltanschauung is spoken here :-)
Adding a whole section to my posts will slow down posting even more but there you go.

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Charles Cosimano

posted June 4, 2008 at 3:12 pm

As long as you don’t do it too close to large bodies of water as Calvinism does tend to attract sea monsters. It is said that John Knox was sorely vexed by the tendency of the Loch Ness Monster to stick his head through the kirk window during his sermons.
(I’ve been waiting to tell that little story for years.)

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posted June 4, 2008 at 4:09 pm

the Loch Ness Monster to stick his head through the kirk window during his sermons.
I just love lore like that! Makes me such a sucker for Lives of the Saints. LOL. “Nessie” being some Leviathan? (Rev. 13:1)
“What if a devil were to repent, would the Lord receive him back?”Robert Falconer, George MacDonald

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Tertius []

posted June 5, 2008 at 12:07 am

Well put. You’d think many of your Reformed critics would take due diligence to exegete your blog accurately rather than to insist that you are insisting that you are making some sort of pontifical ruling on Reformed theology, which, could to think of it would be very Catholic, but not very Reformed. ;)

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posted June 5, 2008 at 5:58 am

How can your worldview NOT affect every post?

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Michele McGinty

posted June 5, 2008 at 7:22 am

“How can your worldview NOT affect every post?”
Well, it does but actually knowing how it does and stating it is pretty difficult (I gave myself and out there just in case I couldn’t figure it out :-) You should see how much trouble I’ve had with my current post :-) And boy was I right that this is going to slow down posting quite a bit!

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Michele McGinty

posted June 5, 2008 at 7:29 am

“I’ve been waiting to tell that little story for years”
I’m glad I gave you the opportunity to do so :-)

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posted June 5, 2008 at 9:15 am

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside his skin and walk around in it.” – Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird
Patrick and the snakes. George and the dragon. Knox and Nessie? He’s in good company.

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